Your return on investment can be accurately measured based on your monthly pay-per-click budget.

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Your Advertising Budget:
The total almount of money you will invest in advertising. This amount does not include any agency fees.

$ 10000
Average Cost Per Click
(Avg. CPC)
The cost of each visitor to your website.

$ 1
Conversion Rate
The percentage of visitors who purchase an item from your store.

3 %
Average Order Value (AOV):
The revenue generated from each sale (on average).

$ 70
Profit Margin:
The ratio of the cost of producing and shipping your products to the average order value.

60 %


Website Traffic:
Paid Traffic: $10,000
Conversions (sales) from advertising: $300
Revenue from advertising: $30,000
Average Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) per order: $40
Average Cost per Acquisition (CPA): $33
Total Cost of Goods Sold: $12,000



Net Income:

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS):

Return on Investment (ROI):






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Q. How do I use the calculator?

  • This calculator is designed to give you a quick financial overview of digital advertising. By moving the sliders, you can test the impact of different business assumptions. Some of the sliders will have a much bigger impact on your results, such as the conversion rate.

Q. What do these numbers even mean?

  • You can think of this calculator as a simulator. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is one of the key values: if it’s in the higher range (e.g., 3-4), it will be much easier for your business to be profitable. A ROAS value of less than 1 means that all the money you make from your business goes to digital advertising platforms.

Q. Where can I get these numbers for my business?

  • While each business owner has to do their own due diligence, some of these input values can be used as benchmarks. For average conversion rates by industry, please see this resource. For average cost per click values, we recommend using Google’s own Keyword Planner.

Q. This calculator is too basic for my needs. Where can I find a more advanced calculator?

  • If you are interested in more detailed calculations and projections, please get in touch with us. We can customize the calculator based on your needs.