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Plumfind is your one-stop destination for Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing solutions tailored for fashion brands.

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We leverage Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other ad platforms to empower our clients. From PPC setup to boosting conversions, our services drive business growth.

With over 20 years of expertise, we excel in merging tech prowess with business acumen. We're passionate about digital marketing and derive joy from guiding our clients to success in the fashion industry.

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Why choose us?

We understand the unique chanllenges of fashion e-commerce, and we're obsessed with helping brands find their perfect online fit.

Our team of experts thrives on pushing boundaries, seamlessly blending creativity with data-driven insights to ensure your brand stands out in the crowded digital landscape.

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Our pricing refects value, not ad spend percentages. We're on your side, not the ad platforms'. No pushing to spend more - choose a plan that fits your budget. Cancel anytime, no pressure at all.

What's in it for you

We employ cutting-edge industry standards to set up and maintain your Google Analytics, empowering you to make informed marketing choices.

We strongly advocate for the use of Google Tag Manager to future-proof your analytics infrastructure across all our client recommendations.

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Choose from our Plum Plans


$299 /month

  • Delivery Standard: 2 Days
  • Account Setup
  • 1 Google Search Campaign
  • 3 Target Audience Segments
  • 3 Ad Extensions
  • Ad Copy Suggestions: 2 Expanded Search Ads, 1 Responsivc Search Ad
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Campaign Optimization
  • 10% Plumfind subscription

$399 /month

  • Delivery Standard: 2 Days
  • Account Setup
  • 1 Google Search Campaign, 1 Google Display (or YouTube) Campaign
  • 5 Target Audience Segments
  • 5 Ad Extensions
  • Ad Copy Suggestions: 4 Expanded Search Ads, 2 Responsivc Search Ad, 2 Responsive Display (or YouTube) Ads
  • Phone Support
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Monthly Performance Meeting
  • Campaign Optimization
  • 20% Plumfind subscription

$499 /month

  • Delivery Standard: 2 Days
  • Account Setup
  • 3 campaigns of your choice: Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping or YouTube.
  • 10 Target Audience Segments
  • 10 Ad Extensions
  • Ad Copy Suggestions: 6 Expanded Search Ads, 4 Responsivc Search Ad, 4 Responsive Display (or YouTube) Ads
  • Phone Support
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Monthly Performance Meeting
  • Campaign Optimization
  • 30% Plumfind subscription


– Josh L.
Fresno, CA

"Oz is a complete pro. His communication and follow through was perfect, and his strategic ability he brought to projects was a real asset. Looking forward to working with him again and can't recommend him highly enough!"

– Leyla A.
Geneva, Switzerland

"Oz is knowledgeable, courteous and friendly, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him. Not only were my questions answered, but additional advice was provided, all of which was extremely useful."

Tampa, FL

"Oz is a great guy and even better analytics professional. Took the time to figure out the problems, laid out clear solutions and completed everything right on schedule. Will work with again for sure!"

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