Plumfind Team

At Plumfind, we are driven by shared standards of excellence, guided by the same integrity,
and motivated by a common ambition to improve marketing.

Ozgur Gurtuna
Montreal, Canada

Oz is the founder of Plumfind. He is a huge fan of permission-based marketing and an ardent believer that marketing can be a force for good. He is determined to make digital marketing accessible to all entrepreneurs around the world. He lives in Montreal, Canada.
Shivendra Rawat
Chief Marketing Officer
Delhi, India

Shivendra is our Chief Marketing Officer. He has the astonishing ability to turn our client’s business objectives into well-crafted digital marketing plans. He continues to amaze us with his leadership skills and his lifestyle. Naturally, he has a mini-zoo at home consisting of three dogs, two cats, and a lizard. He lives in New Delhi, India.
Jingfei Gao
Chief Technical Officer
Montreal, Canada

Jingfei is our software engineer. She can magically convert our craziest ideas into well-optimized chunks of code. Her unbounded energy and can-do attitude keep our technical teams running like a well-oiled machine. We suspect that the source of her energy is the classics: she loves opera, her favorite composer is Mozart and in another life, she could have easily been an archeologist. She lives in Montreal, Canada.
Swati Kotiyal
Media Buying Expert
New Delhi, India

Swati is our PPC Accounts Manager. She has got the great ability to manage marketing campaigns with her creative and analytical intelligence. She loves to cook Indian cuisines. She lives in New Delhi, India.
Rakshit Majumdar
Lead Designer
Kolkata, India

Rakshit is our lead designer. He is the creative genius behind our awesome look. He has a keen eye for design and an amazing level of patience that turns our cloudy ideas into pieces of art. He enjoys Formula 1® Racing more than most. He lives in Kolkata, India.
Natasha Joshi
Social Media Manager
Jaipur, India

Natasha is our Social Media Manager, a law student, and marketing enthusiast. She loves strategizing different methods to get results. A big fan of startups and their psychological aspects. She loves to travel and interact with locals to know the history of those places. She lives in Jaipur, India.
Suraj Van Verma
Full-Stack Developer
Assam, India

Suraj is our full-stack developer. He wrote the first line of code for Plumfind and continued to contribute a few thousand more. His contagious smile, his positive attitude and his technical expertise fuel our team’s creativity. He loves hackathons, blockchain, He lives in Assam, India.