Measure User Engagement and Conversions

We use industry best practices to configure and maintain your Google Analytics account and help you make informed marketing decisions. We recommend all of our clients to use Google Tag Manager for future-proofing their analytics stack.

Here are some of our clients who trusted us with their brands.

What is in for you?

Find your top audiences,
segments and keywords

Deploy your marketing
resources with razor sharp

Maximize the return on
your marketing investment.

Choose from our Plum Plans

$399 (one-time fee)
For newcomers to digital marketing

  • Delivery Standard: 2 Days
  • Account Setup
  • 1 Google Analytics 4 Property
  • 2 Goals for Conversion Tracking
  • 1 Google Tag Manager tag
  • Monthly User Engagement Report
  • 10% Plumfind subscription discount
$499 (one-time fee)
For growing businesses

  • Delivery Standard: 2 Days
  • Account Setup
  • 1 Google Analytics 4 Property
  • 4 Goals for Conversion Tracking
  • 2 Google Tag Manager tags
  • Phone Support : 30-minute consultation
  • Monthly User Engagement Report
  • 20% Plumfind subscription discount
$699 (one-time fee)
For ecommerce and lead generation gurus

  • Delivery Standard: 2 Days
  • Account Setup
  • 1 Google Analytics 4 Property
  • 6 Goals for Conversion Tracking
  • 5 Google Tag Manager tags
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Phone Support : 60-minute consultation
  • Monthly User Engagement Report
  • 30% Plumfind subscription discount
Bundle and save! Purchase any one of these plans, and get a sweet discount for our Plumfind digital marketing app.

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What our customer think of us?

"The Plumfind team are complete pros. Their communication and follow through was perfect, and their strategic ability they brought to projects was a real asset. Looking forward to working with them again and can't recommend them highly enough!"

– Josh L.
Fresno, CA

"So easy to work with Plumfind! They are supremely knowledgeable but able to translate complex ideas into clear communication. They are my 'go to' company when I need anything to do with Google Analytics and SEO."

– Leyla A.
Geneva, Switzerland

"The Plumfind team was extremely easy to work with and executed our GTM project with precision. We have no issue in recommending them for GA/GTM projects and will certainly be working with them again in the future."

– Simon M.
Victoria, BC