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Product & Pricing Analysis

  • Plumfind guides your pricing decisions by comparing you to the rest of the market.
  • Get price alerts at the product category or individual product level.
  • Get notified of your competitors' promotions.
New Product Alerts

  • Receive instant notifications when your competitors launch new products.
  • Detailed alerts include product images, titles, descriptions, and prices—giving you a comprehensive view of your competitors' moves.
  • Stay ahead in the fashion game by leveraging timely insights into the latest additions to their inventory.
Keyword Optimizer

  • Optimize your keywords by comparing your product titles and descriptions to trending keywords in the marketplace.
  • Specify a keyword, and we'll find the inspiration you need to enrich your product catalog.
  • Find winning product titles and descriptions to stay ahead of your competition.
Fair Use

  • We believe that data collection can be a power for good.
  • Responsible collection and use of product data can help merchants and consumers make better decisions.
  • We use best practices in our data collection methods.

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