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Surrounded by marketing data, but feeling more confused than ever? You’ve come to the right place! At Plumfind, our mission is to do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on what matters most: growing your business by identifying the most promising opportunities.

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Our one-click integrations and powerful algorithms will slice and dice your data. You’ll finally be able to turn your unruly data garden into a beautiful plum orchard. Interested?
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Our application was built by digital marketing professionals who live and breathe data. We know how difficult and time-consuming data analysis can be: we do it every day. That’s why we built this application: to automate the grunt work and simplify data analysis.


Your privacy, and the privacy of the users in your data sets are very important to us. We don’t share your information with any third-party, and we never save your data without your explicit consent.


Our application was built entirely on the Google Cloud. We follow the best practices for safe and secure computing. You don’t even need to create an account with us if you don’t want to: you can simply use your Google account to login.


We believe that marketing can be a power for good. Responsible use of marketing data can help marketers to make better decisions, but it can also help customers by serving them the products and services they need and want in the most efficient manner.

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Plum Plans

Free Plum
$0 /month
No Credit Card Required

  • 1 GA Account
  • Top 5 Audiences
  • Top 5 Keywords
  • Top 5 Market Segments
  • Top 5 Negative Keywords
Juicy Plum
$49 /month
Most Popular

  • 1 GA Account
  • Unlimited Audiences
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Market Segments
  • Unlimited Negative Keywords
  • Chat Support
Big Plum
$149 /month
Our Agency Plan

  • Unlimited GA Accounts
  • Unlimited Audiences
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Market Segments
  • Unlimited Negative Keywords
  • Chat Support

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Free Plum


Juicy Plum

$49 /month

Big Plum

$149 /month

Get access to keywords, marketing insights, audiences ranks and seamless integration.

For entreprenuers and small marketing teams.

For SMEs with at least 1,000 sessions of web traffic per month.

For companies with multiple websites and marketing agencies.

One-click integration to Google Analytics 1 Google Analytics Property 1 Google Analytics Propery Unlimited Google Analytics Properies
Rank your audiences by engagement and revenue 5 Audiences Unlimited Audiences Unlimited Audiences
Rank your keywords using our N-gram technology 5 Keywords Unlimited Keywords Unlimited Keywords
Build market segments by combining audiences and demographics 5 Segments Unlimited Segments Unlimited Segments
Automatic generation of negative keyword list for your campaigns 5 Negative Keywords Unlimited Negative Keywords Unlimited Negative Keywords
Chat Support
One-click spreadsheet export of your results
Easily tack user engagement with our User Engagement Index

We donate 10% of our revenue to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.
UNHCR is a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We like fruit. We also like data. We were also desperate for a short and cute brand name.

Absolutely. We only use the data in your Google Analytics account. We do not generate any Personally Identifiable Information based on your data sets.

We highly recommend setting up Google Analytics for your web assets. Some of our features work without Google Analytics integration, but your experience will be limited.

Absolutely. Our only limit is the creation date of your Google Analytics account.

We pride ourselves in providing a transparent user experience where you’re always in full control of your account. To disable access temporarily, just go to your Setup page and click on “Sign out”. To revoke Plumfind’s access to your Google Analytics for good, please click on "Revoke Access" to be redirected to your Google account's permissions page where you are able to remove Plumfind permanently.

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