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Pricing Analysis

Know where your prices stand in the market, ensuring competitive yet profitable pricing.

Real-time competitor intelligence

Access competitor pricing, products, and stock alerts instantly for swift, informed action.

Optimize pricing for maximum profit

Price your products perfectly based on real-time market data, ensuring you're competitive and profitable.


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Instant Notifications

Get instant notifications for new changes

Receive notifications when your competitors change their pricing strategies, product offerings, or out-of-stock products, giving you the power to react quickly and decisively.

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Instantly access crucial information from your competitors' websites

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Find out what's new on your competitors' websites

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Make sure you stay one step ahead of your competitors with the insights you get from their websites in real-time.

IconOut of Stock Products

Never miss a beat with insights into your competitors' out-of-stock variants.

IconGet Product Price Change

Receive instant notifications when your competitors change their prices, allowing you to adapt your strategies accordingly.

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