Five Facebook ad copy examples that will boost your sales

What is an ad without a copy called?


It’s called a “Bad Ad!”

We hope you get the irony! Let us start with an understanding of what ad copy is.

Ad copy, also called advertising copy, is branded content that tries to turn a potential lead into a customer for your business.

It is the information that makes a potential buyer want to buy a product. Like the ads that made you buy the latest model of the iPhone.


Effective ad copy can increase a company's sales and profits by making people feel something, telling them what they'll get out of it, and putting to rest any doubts they might have.

If you work in advertising or marketing or are starting an online business, you may want to learn more about how ad copy can help improve your strategies.

Engaging content is what consumers want.

The content they are looking for should show solutions and entertain them.

According to a recent survey, 84% of people expect brands to create content now.

This important content includes your ad copy, and here are some of the ultimate benefits of good ad copy:

- Higher brand and product awareness
- Increasing customer retention and attracting new ones
- Educating your customers about your business
- Boosting sales and return on investment

Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world and ads on Facebook reach 42.8% of people who use the internet.

On average, 3 billion people use Facebook every day. These people range from CEOs to students to companies.

Since Facebook is able to reach such a wide community of users, it is one of the biggest ad platforms in the world. Setting up and ad campaign and boosting a post are very easy.

But a successful campaign is made up of a lot more than just that.

Let us look at some examples of Facebook ad copies that gave a boost in sales.


Investors who are interested in real estate can see this ad from Fundrise.

The key message from Fundrise is that you don't have to have a lot of money to become an investor.

Making it clear and precise that anyone can start investing in real estate with as little as $500.

This ad is getting a lot of attention from people who want to invest in real estate and build wealth.

The best part is the clarity of its words, which can be understood by a 10 year old.


Highlighting the evidence of results is one of the biggest deal makers.

The EmberTribe has stated the exact numbers they achieved in sales and the exact amount of time it took them to reach these numbers.

This advertiser understands that their target market is interested in proven expertise and aims to build credibility with their advertising.


The call to action in this Facebook ad design is positioned brilliantly.

The headline reads, “Uncover the secrets of Influencer Marketing ROI.”

This copy highlights a pain point shared by many advertisers: how to measure the impact of their influencer campaigns. Grin signals that they understand the problem, and they promise a viable solution. This is a good example that shows that clever ad copy (“Secret SaaS” for secret sauce) and a clear call to action can be a very powerful combination.


Fashion brands compete all the time for our attention. Sometimes, focusing on the practical benefits of a product can help convince consumers. This ad focuses on a simple message: the product is a fashion statement, but also an athletic and versatile piece.

This idea is supported by the copy.

To get you to "Shop Now," the ad ends with a simple call to action and a free shipping offer.


Sometimes subtle repetition is the key to retention.

There is a rhythm to this ad because it repeats three short sentences (“Choose a color. Sign. Flex whenever you like”). By combining it with different images, the advertiser is trying to determine the best combination of ad copy and ad creatives.

It’s not always easy to know how your ad copy and ad creatives will perform. While there are no universal rules in this creative process, there are some common elements in great ads.

Don’t forget the call to action. Even the smartest, most memorable ads can benefit from a simple offer or value proposition.

If you follow best practices for writing copy and put yourself in your customer's shoes, it's actually not that hard to write ads that get people to act.

After you've done all of these things, our best tip is to keep an eye on how well your ads and ad groups are doing. Check to see which ones send the most people to your landing pages and which ones create the highest levels of user engagement.

By rotating your ads and testing different combinations, you will converge on the best performing ones for your industry vertical.

Happy Copywriting!

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