Will AI and ChatGPT take over your marketing job?


There was a hint of doubt in the air.

Will these new artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT take over all marketing jobs?

Well, you will always face these questions in your professional career as you move ahead and as the technology advances.

I have different thoughts on this topic,

I would say; instead, the more relevant question to ask is:

#How Will AI Enhance My Marketing Job?


Source: Adworld Conference 2023

At the recent Adworld Conference, Seth Godin addressed this issue and shared his thoughts on the potential impact of artificial intelligence on marketing jobs.

His assessment is simple:

If you’re a mediocre marketer working with a mediocre product, you should rework your skill set and increase your grip on marketing methods and strategies.

“AI is going to redefine what it means to be creative. If you're mediocre at what you do, if your slogan is ‘you can pick anyone’.... you've always been doomed. And now you're more doomed than ever.”

And he was not the only one. Here are what some of the other thought leaders are saying:

"AI and chatbots will not completely replace human marketers. While AI can take over some routine tasks like data entry, scheduling posts, etc., the creative and strategic aspects of marketing like content creation, branding, and campaign ideation still require a human touch." - Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar.

"AI and ChatGPT are here to stay. Marketers need to embrace them and learn how to use them effectively. However, they also need to be aware of the potential risks. For example, AI could be used to create fake news or to target people with harmful content. Marketers need to be vigilant and use AI responsibly." - Mark Schaefer, author of "Marketing Rebellion"

In recent years, AI and natural language processing (NLP) technologies have made significant strides, and the sudden emergence of practical applications in writing and other creative tasks has led to a widespread fear that they will soon take over our jobs.

While it is true that AI and ChatGPT can perform certain marketing tasks with remarkable accuracy, it is important to understand that these technologies are not a complete replacement for human marketers.

Rather, they are tools that can be used to enhance the work of marketers and help them make better decisions.

And no matter what the rumors are, it is important to note that AI and ChatGPT are not substitutes for human creativity.

While they can help create personalized content, they lack the ability to create truly unique and imaginative content that can capture the attention of customers.

The key is for marketers to focus on developing skills and strengths that AI may never achieve - while also improving their AI literacy and ability to work with evolving technologies.

By mastering human-AI collaboration, marketers can stay ahead of the AI curve.

This is where human marketers can shine, using their creativity and ingenuity to create marketing campaigns that truly stand out.

Let’s illustrate this argument with an example:

Not too long ago, online shopping was not seen as a major economic activity. There was limited customer data to analyze. With the tremendous increase in the share of online shopping in the last few years, data availability is no longer an issue, but data analysis is. An ecommerce marketer may have been perfectly fine without a tool such as Google Analytics ten years ago, but today, it is an essential part of the marketer’s toolkit. Automated insights and AI-based reports in Google Analytics are not replacing marketers. These tools enhance the productivity of marketers.

This is just one example of how Artificial Intelligence can actually help marketers better understand their audience by analyzing tons of data and generating some conclusions and insights. It is still up to the marketer to use this advice and turn it into better campaigns.

In this constantly changing world, marketers have to understand that AI isn't a threat but rather an opportunity.

By using the power of AI tools, marketers can work faster, get more out of their data, and give customers more personalized experiences. It is entirely possible that some of the marketing jobs will be completely automated. But if you upgrade your skills by becoming an advanced user of these AI tools, your skills as a marketer will be more in demand, not less.

A Pro Tip:

Invest in your creativity by truly understanding your audience and improve your productivity by embracing AI. If you can still tell a story that touches the hearts and minds of your customers, if you can show empathy and help your customers to get what they need or want, you will excel as a marketer in the coming years.

So don’t be fearful: learn more about AI and embrace these new technologies.

By understanding how people and AI work together, you will not only stay ahead of trends but also shape the future of marketing.


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